Marc van

Marc van

Welcome to my home on the net!

This is where I’ll post some thoughts, some questions, some code examples … random things 😀  Please browse around and let me know what you think of it.


So … what’s life? How do we do things? What is important? What makes life worth living it? I believe we’ve been created with a purpose. Yes, created. Yes, with a purpose. And the main ingredients of our purpose is living life to the full!

Creativity. Play. Responsibility. Relation. Interaction. Explore. Nature.


Hi there, I’m Marc van Andel and I’d like to think about myself as a creative and strategic thinker … and developer. So although I like to think and stand in front of a whiteboard I do like to get my hands dirty by coding the thing as well. My experience is in the Java area so Java code, Scala, Groovy and all the tools coming with them. Besides this I like to automate everything around development so Jenkins Pipelines building Docker stuff is part of my toolbox. And tools only work great with an awesome team of people using Agily and DevOpsy methodologies 🙂

I love to help people. I love high quality in the way I help people. I focus on the issues which will be the biggest improvements for the people I help. And I love to enable teams to support the solutions I design. That’s why I started my own company, Consulmation : The great combination of Consultancy and Automation.

And yes, I do have kids … and sometimes I do get on top of them 😀  So besides all the professional stuff I’m serving my family by being a great husband for my wife and an awesome dad for my three kids. Or at least I’m trying hard …