My first ‘git sourced’ blog

Today I wanted to apply 'GitOps' to my blogs. Would it be possible, easy and benificial to develop blogs and content with Markdown in a git repository while still using Wordpress for publishing the content? That was the quest of the day 😄

So here's my first 'git sourced' blog!

Source file in a GitHub repo and published static page in Wordpress on

And? Does that work? Yes! It does! 😃

Set up

The source of this page is a Markdown file in a public git repository. This could be a private repository as well. So first thing to do is preparing a git repository somewhere. I'm just using GitHub for this one:

Secondly you'll need a Wordpress site. As you can see I'm using my website for that 😎: I have installed the Documents from Git Wordpress plugin. Source code and documentation is available in GitHub.

The last step is to apply the Wordpress plugin inside a page in your Wordpress site. To have a 1-on-1 mapping between a Wordpress page and a Markdown file, you create a new page inside your Wordpress site. On this page you'll apply a 'shortcode' (DuckDuck is your friend 😉 ):

[git-github-markdown url=""]

Many other options to use and configure: see the official documentation.

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