Category: Code

  • Coding for kids

    In these times of technology being a huge part of our lives it is mandatory that kids are involved in coding and developing software. Here are some great starting points: Scratch (by MIT) Dutch example projects Hedy – A gradual programming language (tip!)

  • Logging Delegate

    Logging is part of every application and we’re used to the lines of code which clutter our codebase with“something is happening here with {}” , var1); But is this great code? Or has this become the level of quality we’re familiar with? In the light of ”separation of concerns” (one and only one reason…

  • Triangle of Software Development Principles

    As we design our software what should be the principles? How do we know our software is structured in a way that we support change but that it’ll be stable enough to build new things on top and keep users happy? Although there are many principles involved and relevant in this perspective it might come…