In The Future Enterprise (or today’s?) the revenue comes from splendid working (core) business functions delivered by services primarily or heavily supported by software. And to be at the top of the happy customers list enterprises need to change, to adapt to changing environments and to constantly improve and innovate their products. To do so is a tricky play where many things need to be in balance. This is what the Triangles Architecture is about.

There is a balance between three major themes which in itself are triangles of their own:

  • Triangle of Software Development Principles is a balance between Changeability, Testibility and Extendibility; out of balance this triangle will prevent evolution of your software
  • Triangle of Software Delivery Principles is a balance between Ownership, Decoupling and Automation; you need all of these and without it your delivery of changes will come to an end
  • Triangle of Process Principles is a balance between powers which influence the development and delivery of your product; out of balance you will have quick revenue without any future or you’re building the future without any income on short term